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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ, GUYS. Most of your submissions do get posted eventually, but we’ll definitely be able to get them up faster if you comply with the following guidelines.

Tag your submissions! 8D And make sure to put this as the caption along with whatever you would want to say:

“Submitted by *your tumblr here*” and link it to your tumblr!

Also, please make sure to copy-paste this handy-dandy image description [thank you very much @somewhatofsomethingother!], so that people using screenreaders can fully enjoy Lit Major Lemur too:

[Picture: Background: 6-piece pie-style color split with alternating shades of gray. Foreground: White and gray lemur facing forward, wearing thick black glasses and a gray cardigan. Top text: “ [top text here] ” Bottom text: “ [bottom text here] ”]


Because of the influx of submissions with “bitch” in them, a couple of the moderators have decided that it would be best for both the meme itself and the rest of us if we avoided use of “bitch.” Perhaps “fiend” would be a good substitute. If that isn’t to your liking, we’re sure creative fellows like you will find a perfect lit major-y way to say it. :D

Please remember that not all submissions are posted. We appreciate your humor, but make sure that it is not offensive.

Thank you again for submitting!