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  • I submitted a lemur. Where is it?

It’s probably in the queue! The queue spaces submissions out evenly over the course of twenty-four hours, so check back in a day or two. :D

  • … It’s been a day or two. It still isn’t there!

… It’s probably been deleted, I’m sorry. :( As a service to our as of now 2,361 followers, we at Lit Major Lemur feel the need to filter our certain submissions. Your submission was probably rejected if it was repetitive of previous submissions, or blatantly offensive.

  • This is offensive!

Memes are harsh sometimes, you know? They’re not meant to be taken too seriously, and while it does perpetuate the stereotypical stuck-up English Literature student snob image to a certain extent, this is meant to be more of a parody of the existing stereotype. Take it with a grain of salt, and maybe a cup of tea while you’re at it.

  • Can I share my blog with Lit Major Lemur’s followers?

If your blog is a meme blog that pokes fun at literature and/or other various academic disciplines, then by all means! Leave a message in our ask box, and we’ll post it for our followers. We’ll also add you to our side bar, and humbly request you do the same for us. <3 As courtesy to our followers, we won’t be posting individual affiliate messages anymore, as not to clog up dashboard space. We’ll just add you to our sidebar and feature you in a conveniently compiled screencap post. 8D